Optimise Your Data Centre’s Cooling Efficiency with AIRCOCFD
Expert Airflow and Cooling CFD simulations for Ultimate Performance


External Heat Rejection CFD Studies

CFD simulations for the heat rejection of the data centre building/campus to the atmosphere

Data Hall Cooling Distribution Analysis

CFD simulations for the cooling distribution by the cooling units to the white space and IT equipment

Thermal Ride-Through Studies & Pipe Network Modelling

Transient CFD studies for the whole cooling network and air side, to evaluate system performance during a power outage

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Welcome to AIRCOCFD, your trusted partner in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations, local weather data analysis, and chilled water network modelling for data centres. Our specialised services ensure optimal cooling, energy efficiency, and reliable performance for your data centre. Discover how our expertise can transform your data centre’s performance and PUE.

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